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Comment: I have a question for you?

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I have a question for you?

As Christians, do we always have to take what appears to currently be the moral path? but we aren't as knowledgeable as the founding generation when it comes to the Bible, and I strongly believe this.

Can you define absolute purity?

What I mean is, we currently follow Ron's example and 1)stick to the facts, 2)don't insult, but educate...etc. I think however, it IS our job to rebuke evil where it lies(pun intended). Fight dirty and point out the corruption of our enemies!

We CAN go on the offensive now and again. The enemy wouldn't use a tactic that didn't work, so let's use their tactics! If we can take a little bit, it's better than losing a little bit.'

Well I'm rambling, but I just think we should consider all options.