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Communism can only work on a very local scale. If that...

As a concept, communism (collectivism/re-distribution) is only sustainable for any amount of time, in small, localized, isolated communities.

It may work temporarily in an end-of-the-world type scenario, like in the show "The Colony". But if it ever succeeds to any degree, and the community survives, then people will realize they can have more, if they work for it, and will want more. Then they will work for more, and will keep it. End of communism.

More likely though, it can never really work. People will always, necessarily be possessive about certain things. Private property is always going to be necessary. That means you get to keep, what you earn. Charity has always been afforded to those who are truly desperate, and as long as it is physically possible, people will continue to provide for the unable out of the goodness of their hearts.

Advocating for communism in ANY situation, is misunderstanding the concept(s), and it amounts to advocating for communism (collectivism/re-distribution) in all situations.

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