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Bread is responsible for mass sterilization and apricots cure cancer! Flu shots are for altering the brain's chemical balance unnaturally, which forces them to shop for unnatural mass produced tools of enslavement, like GTA5! All for 'Christmas', which is totally a pagan ritual or something. Are you so blind that you can't see this?!?! It's probably because you bought into laser surgery (anything made after 1920 is evil, after all), which altered your DNA to make your body more compatible with any shape-shifting reptiles that wish to inhabit it if they haven't already...'Delysid'. This obviously explains why you changed your username.

Go back to watching FAUX NEWZ and being brainwashed by the aspirin-industrial complex, Mengele! Now excuse me while I google fancy medical terms and self-assess my way through the Red Pill Institute OF THE MIND.

PS: Marijuana cures literally every ailment ever and anyone who disagrees is a troll hellbent on destroying FREEDOM.

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