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I am a firm believer of

I am a firm believer of specialization; countries should produce what they have a comparative advantage in. The issue with food production isn't that we don't have enough land, but simply that the land is misused. Take for example Corn produced in the USA that is used for ethanol production. We are talking about 50% of the corn, or better yet, 50% of that acreage is being wasted away because of government grants. Government grants have made it possible for this system to exist. I would much rather see Singapore dedicate their time and money to producing something they are good at, such as biotech, instead of something they simply don't have the qualified people or resources to produce, food. Let me produce your food, cheaply, and I will buy your biotech, cheaply.

But, the idea is cool, just not necessary in my opinion. Maybe good for a home style garden for your own consumption.