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That is not a conflict of interest.

Based on on the work I have read by you, you are extremely dishonest and manipulative with your arguments. I don't give a damn if you are a fellow Ron Paul supporting freedom fighter or an "autism mother," you are spreading false information relentlessly and irresponsibly and I will not be silent about it.

The only way that Gorski (who I have never met) is even remotely a conflict of interest is if the fantasy that "vaccines cause autism" is true. This isn't true and it makes your accusation ridiculous.

I've been doing some research on digital scanners and implants. If you made the false accusation that "digital scanners and implants cause tooth decay," and I blogged that this is nonsense, am I suddenly at conflict of interest? HELL NO.

Science is apolitical. You are trying to politicize science and you are manipulating others using dipshit celebrities to spread your propaganda.