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Its really just the comprehensive major medical policy

and of course they have to have a cap in order for the actuaries to calculate the base rates, five, ten or whatever million as a cap. The policy is underwritten at the time of application, similar to a life insurance policy. Once issued if the insurer raises the rates, all policies in that given state would have to also be adjusted, so they can't single out just the ones who have a claim. As I wrote below I think exclusions for pre-existing if mutually agreed to should be allowed.

For the relatively few people with un-insurable pre-existing conditions a state risk pool is a possible answer. The point I was trying to made is to buy an individual policy at a younger age and own that policy. Tying insurance into employment IMHO is not to the benefit of the employee, you lose your job you lose your insurance. It's like living in a company housing arrangement, you lose your job your homeless, LOL