Comment: Hello :) You too!

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Hello :) You too!

I agree with that! and I took no offense.

I had a sermon recently on Truth, that it both enlightens and distorts. People who want to hear truth, will embrace it and take comfort in it, but those who don't will come to despise it and resent hearing it. The more they hear it, they more they HATE it.

I agree the one thing that has helped the most is, when you repeat something, they learn it. They remember it, and can even repeat it, but try and talk to them about it? They will agree with you, just to end the conversation, so they don't have to hear it anymore.

This isn't changing minds, to me this is beating them down till they agree. Truth is a funny thing, only those who seek it, can see it. It's very much like God(because Truth IS God), those who do not seek Him, will never find Him, and will never understand why we stick to the faith.

I think it's important to repeat something, but every person needs to come to their own conclusion, this is why I think changing tactics from time to time is important. We need to give people different reasons to come to truth, and it takes different people to do that, even people we may not agree with can lead others to their *spark*, that ignites their hunger for truth.

That being said, I'm not against being careful, but we need to learn to take risks.