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I am not sure if I am

I am not sure if I am following your logic Delysid.

You say the anti-vaccine people were abusing the system by suing manufacturers to extinction.... well if people were suing for vaccine injury, that means they were vaccinators, not anti-vax.

How can any other business survive the court system? The pharmaceutical companies lobbied Congress for this protection because it was incredibly good for THEIR business. Not for our kids.

The current system does not protect the children or their families. The system was put in place to protect the multi-billion dollar vaccine industry, and the government programs associated with them.

It is not a fair system for the consumer at all.

You accuse anti-vaccine people of being "highly emotional and irrational", yet you are the only poster here I have seen throwing insults around at other commenters, while having your facts simply wrong - such as when you said that vaccine manufacturers pay a tax on every vaccine.

The video that Ginger posted highlights an important issue. I think it is great that people are learning the facts surrounding the corrupt vaccine program. It's WAY past time they did!