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Hi MG1234

Thank you for so diligently attmepting to tune into the show, and sorry that it has been met with repeated difficulty. Sort of makes it hard to grow an audience, if said audience cannot even hear the broadcast. :)

So let us try to track down the problem. If not too much trouble could you let me know the Operating System and if you are attmepting to listen via desktop or mobile?

Some other things to try:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Adobe Flash plugin for your browser of choice.
  • I have not implemented an HTML 5 player due to HTML5 not capable processing a live stream and keeping the stream in real time.
  • I specifically coded the player not to autostart so you may have to click the 'Play" button and see if the light on the button changes from red to green.
  • If you use extensions for Chrome or FireFox like AdBlocker plus, Ghostery, HTTPsEverywhere, or DoNotTrackMe, you might need to finangle these by whitelisting or the
  • The stream stays active after the conclusion of the show and broadcasts the news at the top and bottom of every hour {xx:00 and xx:30 respectively}
  • An episode of "The Scott Horton Show" will be broadcasting tonight through to midnight

Hopefully, one of these ideas will lead us to uncovering a solution, but one way or another we will figure out whatever obstacle is preventing you from hearing the stream.