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Comment: Cynism and vigilance against

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Cynism and vigilance against

Cynism and vigilance against bureaucrats should be a proud and loud clarion call of the movement. Let Washington quake with fear at our wrath and vengeance. That we expect an accounting of every penny spent. Every ounce of gold. Every bar of silver. Every trespass of privacy. Every death in our name.
That every bullet they would be inclined to turn on their citizens is matched by ten of our own.

Always remember how quick they dispatched Ron Paul.
In a flash-he disappeared. The Apparatchik no longer spoke of him.
There was only their guy: with coifed hair, scripted words and practiced body language.
Speaking pretty words of freedom and America.
And to his left: the same man, but only of darker complexion.

The liberty movement is asymmetric. All are welcome.
But it is right to be skeptical to those who were the architects of the demise of the constitution and this country.

Ron Paul was always cynical of government and politicians.
The movement is a bastion of hope. An illuminating light to citizens left behind by their parties.
There is lots of hope here.
It's just that most here are much more astute at seeing the grift-game that politicians and pundits play.