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It's not a fair system for anybody except lawyers

The pre-eminent anti-vaccination group NVIC lobbied for the creation of the Vaccine Court.

I guess from your point of view that backfired didn't it?

The entire court system, not just the no-fault liablity aspect of the vaccine court, is unfair. Do you know how many honest businesses and people have been destroyed by the court system? It is no secret that medical mistakes happen by honest people. On the flip-side, it is also not a secret that grossly incompetant, if not sinister, medical actions happen. It is also not a secret that aggressive litigation is taken to ruin honest people.

These are inevitable consequence of human nature.

A major problem with medicine is that it takes years to understand. The medical and pharmaceutical industries are particularly liable for aggressive lawsuits and jury decisions because the average human being knows very little about the details of pharmacology and physiology. Juries and judges, many with no scientific background, can be manipulated by convincing quacksThis historically has led to disasterous court rulings. . Now to emphasize, OBVIOUSLY A CERTAIN PERCENTAGE OF MEDICAL LAWSUITS ARE JUSTIFIED. I'm not denying this.

But Ginger Taylor and many others are portraying the Vaccine Courts in a comical "Big Pharma is a super-villian" strawman. It was a fucked up situation pre-vaccine court, and it is fucked up post vaccine court.