Comment: I don't think there is truly a moral issue

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I don't think there is truly a moral issue

when taking government employment (at least for a job that is not directly harmful to people). The entire system is part free and part coerced, and there is no way to eliminate the intermingling. For instance we all use government funded roads, and many of us use government provided student financial aid. It is literally not possible to not take part in the spoils.

There is certainly a PRACTICAL issue, however, and that is that the checks the government sends out will soon, to quote the dear Dr., "be worthless." Therefore it would always be wise to have a backup plan. The most important commodity to have access to, when the heavy inflation occurs, will be food. If you are in a big city, it might be wise to move to a more rural area, where, if not raising your own food, you can at least be able to barter with a farmer or rancher.