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Ya, I knew about HCFC's being phased out, but chicken little used them in his reply so I addressed them directly. I just pointed out to him that the swap was counter-intuitive.

HCFC was the patent DuPont had in hand when they did an about-face on the CFC issue. Until they held a new patent on a new substance, they were actually participating in a PAC type group challenging the ozone theory and any sort of all-out ban was stuck in limbo up until that time. It was that about face and patent that ultimately led to the demise of their original R-12 (freon).

As an HVAC tech, I'm sure you actually either know what I said was true about the seals or have actually retro-fitted a few yourself. Dupont just added another atom or 2 to their molecule to make their product (HCFC's) a little heavier and also I imagine less stable thus making it "less damaging" overall, but as you say still contained the "chlorine" atom (The first "C" in HCFC). Of course the "C"(l) is found abundantly in nature. Seawater is loaded with it as in salt (sodium chloride). Evaporation tends to take the water and leave the salt behind but it is certainly not perfectly desalinated, especially at those temperatures. Haven't researched this particular point much yet but I think I will.

One other way nature injects massive amounts of chlorine into the atmosphere is through volcanic eruptions. The main offender is HCL (hydroCHLORIC acid). Again the claim made by chicken little and his ilk is that it is the chlorine atom that does the damage. If I want to lower the chlorine level in my pool after shocking it, I KNOW that (and all the pool experts say that) you roll off the solar cover and expose the pool to sunlight. It is the UV in the sunlight that dissipates the chlorine in my pool so... It has to be going somewhere.

This is all academic though. What's done is done. DuPont got their windfall, The whacko's got their way and everyone spent tons more money converting or buying new units. All at higher prices with a product that was less safe and certainly not necessary.

Thanks for the encouragement.