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If that short part in the

If that short part in the beginning weren't there about vaccines and autism this video would be useful. As it sits most people will shut down and refuse to listen to the rest as they have been thoroughly conditioned that it's all kookdom that vaccines are anything but wonderful and anyone who suggests they can cause autism is a kooky fruit loop.

Most people are also convinced that vaccines harm a statistically insignificant number of other people not them or anyone they know and thus government needs to protect vaccine makers or there won't be any vaccines and the overwhelming good will be lost. They cannot see the connection that government protection and a forced market brings about shoddy testing, sloppy manufacturing practices, over production, and production of useless products.

I think the crony capitalist part is the weak link to aim at and should be concentrated on without other things that could cause people to shut down. The video does crony part well, but it's already lost most people who turned it off in the first few seconds.