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Comment: One does not have to be

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One does not have to be

One does not have to be anti-vaccination to see the inherent problems with government covering the liability of products and mandating their use. I believe vaccines when well manufactured and thought out have a use, but should not be over used, and require careful consideration wrt developing immune systems. I don't believe they are a special class of product either.

Furthermore there are a wide range of products that take years to understand where average people have no knowledge and can be easily manipulated and so forth and so on. That argument of yours applies to a lot of products that when used improperly by those same average people can kill/injure them. Yet such products have no similar protection and are still made.

What makes vaccines so special? According to pro vaccine arguments the number of real vaccine injuries is vanishingly small. They should face far less problems than a major automaker does if that argument is correct. Vaccine makers are not small entities that cannot defend themselves. They also enjoy quite the market protection from the FDA as well.

Simply put, the arguments fall flat if vaccine makers produce a quality product that meets advertised claims.