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Definitely check my numbers

I cited the sources I used, just trying to do a sanity check on the claim, but if I were going to try to make it more precise I'd go look for better sources. I used to have a much better page than that I used for current breakdown of the budget, revenue, debt, unfunded mandates but at the moment I can't seem to find it. I expect their numbers are current though. The total for transfer payments was from 2011, but in line with the current numbers on the

There's no question that the budget exceeds total revenues!

How much does it cost to collect the 1.3 trillion? The IRS budget is a fraction of a percent of what they collect, but maybe that's not what you're asking.

And no, unfunded liabilities (expected future payments) wouldn't be included, but then the expected future revenues aren't either, so I'm probably missing your point here as well.

(Found the page I was looking for earlier: