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By election.

God's capability of mercy is limitless, but God's application of mercy has a very clearly set limit, and that is bound by his freely willed choice. For New Testament reference, Romans 9:15 covers the basic spirit of this concept, while Romans 9 as a whole deals with how election determines who receives the expiatory blessing of Christ's sacrifice. This tends to cut against what Francis I and his Jesuit brethren teach about the universal nobility of mankind even within a fallen state, and this notion of depravity being cured through either attrition-based confession or rhetorical appeals outside of the Gospel message.

Now, before I get a massive diatribe about how this is some call for me to eradicate all the unbelievers or to take up with the hyper-Calvinists in Fred Phelps' flock and simply yammer about damnation and how all of mankind should despair and prepare for the brimstone, I'll point you to Matt 5:45 regarding the spirit of the Gospel message, whereas the whole of the Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5-7:27) covers the overall scope of how a recipient of God's mercy is expected to make his calling in election sure.

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