Comment: I Dont Care if its gov funded

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I Dont Care if its gov funded

this vertical farming is a major example of how to feed a growing planet. this is proof that the concept is sound i don't know how fiscally sound it can be but imagine for a moment cities around the us having these types of structures maybe our diet wouldn't consist of 90% gmo wheat.

Government collapse and all interstate shipping down? well ur not gonna starve. maybe if this catches on globally we'll rape the south American rainforest a little less. having a sustainable society is just smart business for our future generations. and i see no aspect of our culture and consumption that is anyway sustainable, energy, food, social benefits, economy, currency, other natural resources ie. rare earth metals that make ur iphone work (note the word RARE in rare earth metals).

Or we could do what our parents and grandparents did that is destroy the US with debt and dwindling natural resources only concerned with how comfortable their lives were not about the world they were leaving my generation or my children's generation.