Comment: Entangling Alliances: Sports, Religion, Ideologies, MORE...

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Entangling Alliances: Sports, Religion, Ideologies, MORE...

This warning against entangling alliances applies to ALL exclusive groups - not only NATIONS:

Have you ever heard Jewish people talk about "our people"? Customer in a store had a problem, and one of the employees said to the manager: "Let me handle this - she's one of my people".

My first internal response when I hear that is: Fuhk your people.

And then it dawned on me -- OMG, dude -- when people try to huddle together, it actually DOES INCITE retaliation.

When you FORM or ASSERT exclusivity -- there will always be push-back. I think it's because exclusivity entails drawing a boundary line, in effect removing some amount of freedom, and all beings instinctively know the basis of life is FREEDOM.

That 1 line jumped out at me:
Habitual hatred is just as irrational as Habitual fondness.

Like a battered wife who shows "habitual fondness" toward an abusive husband.

Or a big brother who shows "habitual fondness" to his little brother, even as his little brother LASHES OUT inappropriately. (usa, israel)

But I can end with the answer - because my studies showed me this awhile ago:
Trust your emotions - they are never wrong.
When you feel negative emotion - DON'T TAKE ACTION.