Comment: Whats Michael Savage Like ? you asked.

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Whats Michael Savage Like ? you asked.

Well he's no friend of the Liberty movement and has certainly done his fair share of Paul bashing with name calling on his evening show when I used to listen to it. It's not to say that he didn't praise the movement Ideals or even Dr Paul on occasion. A moist finger in the air type of guy without true convictions. On top of that he's rude , loud and arrogant. I avoid those types .
I'm now down to Jerry Doyle and Coast to Coast for my talk radio fix. I turned off the TV cable and network news , cept for an occasional stop at RT for another angle on events.
I still think that a morning coffee and the Daily Paul is as good a way to start a day as any, and when I want to get the latest thru out the day I also turn to the DP.