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I share your sentiments, Kellyicus

Many of us high-information types on Daily Paul are woefully low on the wherewithal to respond ably to the unfolding environmental crisis.

In my opinion, the environmental issue is one of the two weakest planks in the liberty movement.

A typical position usually starts with "Well, in a free market polluters will be..." The obvious problem with this mindset is that our current compounded environmental collapse event will not wait until most of the world operates as a free market.

We must embrace and support as many of good "plan B" ideas sooner rather than later if we, humanity, have the slightest chance of surviving this unfolding catastrophe with a few of our best cultural features intact.

For those of you who say that there are no big problems, that up and coming food, energy and water shortages are just more PTB scare tactics, I suggest that you may not truly be fully "awake."