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To receive a full and complete answer to your questions...

you will have to order and read the Red Amendment.

That said, basically Congress has the ability to write Public Law and Private Law. The 14th amendment (whether legitimately ratified or not) is a form of Private Law. It doesn't apply to everyone.

Prior to the 14th Amendment, there was no such thing as a United States Citizen. There were only Citizens of the States. (Article 4, Section 2)

The 14th Amedment, through opperation of law, removed people from their natural and lawful State nationality, and forced a Federal nationality upon them. Combine this with so called "voting rights" laws which gave the new US citizen the "civil right" to vote while disenfranchising the State National who was then denied their Natural Right of suffrage, and one begins to see the full intention of these accumulated bits of legislation.

Further it is important to comprehend that the United States is NOT country, but either the name of the Union of American Republics (countries), or the name of the agent for that Union which is a municipal corporation.

Therfore, US citizens are citizens of a municiple corporation and not a country in law, as the States actually are. All municiple corporations, by definition of law, are essentially wholly owned subsidiaries of the Federal government, and only US citizens are responsible for their municiple private law.

This is how the natural order in American law and sovereinty has been perverted, litterally turned on its head.

so, back to nationality. Because the States are individual countries in union, the Union actually operates under international law (read the Law of Nations). Under international law, and according to the Constitution no Two States can occupy the same territory. Therefore the United States is a foreign jurisdiction to the States. Voting in a State, under the 14th Amendment, is an act of insurgency. It would be like people from France voting in England. It is unlawful, but the 14th Amendment makes it "legal," though it remains a publishable offence.

I know this is a bit of a disjointed response, but I hope that it helps.

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