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From a link to an interview

From a link to an interview of Mike Lee by Glenn Beck about what's next.

"Glenn (Beck) spoke to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) this morning on radio and was troubled by Sen. Paul’s insistence that Republicans are united in the fight to stop Obamacare, despite the fact that many in the GOP have come out against Sen. Cruz and others who are leading the charge to defund the Affordable Care Act".

Rand is supporting McConnell's re-election bid which is another reason he is caught in the middle. I have been watching the sentiment on Free Republic as an indication of how part of the right is viewing both Paul and Cruz. Most support Paul with a few who distrust his libertarian streak. Cruz is more popular on that sight for his leadership on fighting amnesty and Obamacare. Paul seemed to hang back on both of those issues.

I like both candidates and want theme to stay on good terms for our own good. It was curious that during the Cruz filibuster like speech that Rand appeared very briefly and pressed Cruz for compromise. Cruz handled Paul's question very well and said the most complimentary and gracious things about Paul in return. I wish that Paul had come across as equally gracious. I will vote for either and, for now, hope they will be on the same ticket in either order.