Comment: Racism is just a divide and

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Racism is just a divide and

Racism is just a divide and conquer tactic. Keep the peasents bickering, distracted and divided. It was never about racism, it has always been about classism. The haves and the have nots. What would happen if everyone woke up tomorrow and realized that no matter what group you might identify with, we are all the same......broke? We are the hard working, some of us may be government mooching, have nots and the haves are running away with our freedoms and our money through policies and practices set in motion to benefit the upper class at the expense of the rest of us.

Redneck, cracker, honkey, white trash, trailer trash, ni©@er, spic, gook, chink, etc all means the same thing in the eyes of the elitist upper classs,,,,,,poor. In fact , all racist terminology derived from, ( can you guess?).......slavery.