Comment: why am I here?

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why am I here?

I'm a retired architect, British, living in Texas. I used to believe that the state was, well, kinda living in the Dark Ages, what with death sentences like they have in Saudi Arabia and Yemen. After what happened to me on a quiet Sunday morning in Baytown, I'm all for the harshest possible punishment - as payback time for Mr Average.


How are we supposed to know turning right without indicating is A CRIME? It doesn't say so in my Texas Driver's Guidance. It is and I have a criminal record, and Baytown police have my photos and prints.

A lot of what I believe is wrong with America (and maybe I should mind my own business?) DOES matter to me, now I live here. Great country, lovely people . . . but your governmental system is raw sewage. I get a bit steamed up when someone sticks a gun in my face. Takes four or five hundred dollars off me . . . and gives my wife a hard time.

I hear Ron Paul and I think: that guy seems to be on a similar wavelength to me. Give me freedom - or give me my freakin money back!