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Just to elaborate a bit...

We all saw how Ron Paul fared in his noble attempts. In retrospect, I don't think he was ever running to win, just to show.

Show what a corrupt system it is, how corrupted people's minds are.

Everyone here at the DP got a good, up-close, front row view of that.

How do you change that? Some people think you can maneuver through the thicket of corruption, make your way to the top of the heap, and things will be better.

That is the voting & lobbying model. Vote for people, lobby that they take up your cause.

In the end, I agree with Octobox that voting and lobbying is just a form of willingly giving your power away.

My views have evolved as a result of my tenure here at the DP.

So what is the other way? My preferred method is to change society. If you have a just and moral society, the politicians will reflect that. At that point, you don't need to vote or lobby. The snakes will slither back into their holes.

But change society! Nystrom, you're talking crazy talk. That is impossible! It is so big! Such a gargantuan task! It will take forever.

True enough. But so is picking one politician and hoping and praying that you can contribute to him winning the presidency and changing the world on your behalf.

I had friends up here in MA who were HUGE Obama supporters. It just comes with the territory. And I watched as they slowly became disillusioned, as he climbed up in popularity, as bit by bit he sold out.

I saw that movie. There is no need for me to live it.

And that is why you start with what you can control, and the only thing you can control is yourself. Here's a blast from the past - a post so old it won't bump. Written by me at the dawn of the DP - Node #33, written on March 1, 2007: Change yourself and eventually you change the world.

It might even happen faster than you think.

He's the man.