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Sounds like someone's not up to speed

on the new techniques that out-produce by 10-30:1 vs those old ways.

I just ran some 'best case' numbers for your comparison. (Been wanting to quantify it for a long time) The system I have in my basement can be duplicated to any footprint or height desired so I divided it into 1 meter stats. It can also be stacked 3 layers high and still be powered by solar on the roof's same footprint. Doing so yields a "land footprint" of .33 sq ft (.031 sq. m) per plant with up to 6 harvests per year on that footprint. It runs on 1-3% of the water each plant would take in soil.

Effectively, that's no external energy to grow 1162 plants per year per square meter... Easily over $1/plant
Plus a secondary product of 140 fish harvested per year in that same footprint, used to provide all the nutrients for the primary product... Average rate of $2.50/fish fresh
Plus a tertiary product (duckweed, compost and worms) supplying 80% of the fish food built in.

All for seed cost and a one-time entry cost of ~$1560 (solar included but not the building) for each of those square meter footprints. Maxed out, that's 1 year to pay off a system that profits $1500/yr/sq. m.