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I have to disagree with you that having a just and moral society automatically means politicians will reflect that. I think that's actually the problem. People imagined our politicians had our best interests at heart, because we see ourselves as good people. I think 99% of the people at the DP would make better politicians than what we currently have (minus the superstars like RP, Amash, etc.)

The problem is the "good" people got busy just trying to live good lives and left the wheel of the car. It didn't happen overnight, but gradually our system slid further and further toward corruption, waste, fraud, and tyranny. I think it was a combination of things that made this possible. First, people took their eye off the ball as I said. Second, unsound inflationary money allowed politicians to paint a rosy picture of everything, economics, jobs etc., while people got taxed invisibly (with inflation). Both of these items are being rectified IMO. People are waking up, and the dollar will be toast soon so we can return (peacefully hopefully) to sound money.