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Thanks Greg

Yeah I kind of personalize it a little without thinking when it comes to the State.

Here a Link to a post I wrote about Corbett, make sure you watch or listen to his podcast first or my post won’t make much since. The title is “James Corbett is a straight up raciest piece of !!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Greg the real issue here is they all are scared because I am calling them out for their hatred of the Jews and Israel for their conspiracy theory that the Jews are the banksters…..this is why they hate Israel so bad. It has become their religion and they all get on here every day and worship by telling the latest news about the “Jewish Bankster”……and beat up on anyone that dares to challenge their religion of conspiracies.

Here is what one of them posted.
Israel isn’t Israel …..They aren't independent, they are part of the Globalist banking scheme for the NOW ( New World Order).

Personally……I could care Fucking less about Israel…….if it slide off in to the ocean tomorrow…..I wouldn’t notice……But what I do care about is misinformation and deceit. There has only been one poster since this went up that has refuted my information and I tried to steer him in the right direction. I look forward to having more conversations with him.

You people ( not you Greg) seem to think I haven’t heard all this misinformation before….I have been at this longer than most of you have been alive…I’ve seen what you have seen……I know what you know……but there is no why you know what I know or you wouldn’t think the way you do……you haven’t gotten there yet. You are going to wake up one day……literally…..and it will come to you that you have wasted a lot of time chasing a ghost…..and this has all been feed to you by the Greenbackers. So you can show me all the atrocities and all the horrible things you think the Israeli have done to others…..and you will find out that the others have done the same thing…… will find out we have done the same things…...and it’s all been done for patriotism or religion……..but all of it was perpetrated by the State…..isn’t it time WE ALL …..ALL peoples of the world stand together Christian, Jew, Muslin…all religions…all nationality and say to ALL STATES……WE WILL NOT FIGHT YOUR WARS ANYMORE…AND OH YEAH BRING BACK THE GOLD STANDARD ASSHOLES AND QUIT CHEATING US……THAT IS WHAT RON PAUL IS SAYING……AND THAT’S WHAT THIS MOVEMENT IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT!.....30 years at this, nothing's changed. In ten years there will be another generation of young people just starting out again in this… you really want to fill their hearts full of hate for another people because they are the “BANKSTER”……man if you knew how moronic that sounds. I am not saying State corruption does not exist….it most certainly does…..but if you are going to solve the problem…first you have to know what the problem is…….it is the fact that the State exist…period.

And sorry dude…none of this was meant for you……you are the only one so far that deserves a reply.

I said what I said and I stand by it….those of you that disagree…….refute the information.

"Before we can ever ask how things might go wrong; we must first explain how they could ever go right"