Comment: This is the most moronic of

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This is the most moronic of

This is the most moronic of all Zionist myths. Jordan is NOT Palestine. The reason the majority of Jordanians are Palestinian is because they were driven there in 1948 and 1967 by Israel. They are refugees! You might be correct that the original plan was to give the Arabs in historic Palestine land including Jordan, but that still doesn't explain why Israel gets to illegally occupy the West Bank. NO international body recognizes your claim that Jordan is Palestine. And to think that all Arab lands are interchangeable is quite racist. Palestine is Palestine and Jordan is Jordan. Each Arab nation has distinctive qualities, despite commonalities with other Arab nations. In fact, Palestine is one of the truest homelands in the Middle East, relative to artificial creations such as Iraq, and Libya.

Finally, Joan Peters's despicable and shoddy scholarship was thoroughly refuted by Dr. Norman Finkelstein, a Jewish son of Holocaust survivors. It was his PhD dissertation.