Comment: Sure there is a state. That's

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Sure there is a state. That's

Sure there is a state. That's why JP makes apologia for the state.

Look, the problem isn't that is won't work.

The problem is that it can't work. At least not without guns, and is smart enough to know this.

I would like to see the next debate where JP tries to explain how he gets around the calculation problem. This will be where it gets embarrassing.

In short there is no possible computer, or anything else, than can ever solve the calculation problem. Because people will adapt to any such solution. Sure, the god-computer can theoretically in turn adapt to that adaptation, this is what all planners always do.

But that perpetual conflict, which by definition is preventing people from doing what they prefer, is a state.

More importantly, it is inefficient.

To solve the calculation problem you need time travel and a god. Neither is likely to be available to JP.

The calculation problem can no more be solved than entropy can be reversed, and it is related to entropy.

The social implication is as simple as it is unavoidable, free people will always be more wealthy, in terms of what THEY consider to be wealth, than any planned economy can POSSIBLY be.

Now ethically I have no problem if a bunch of people want to run off somewhere and try this, or any other collectivist crap they want to.

The problem is when it doesn't work, because it's impossible for it to, they will blame it on someone else and inevitably come after them. A free society would never agress on some collective. They would have nothing to take anyway. But the collective will always lust after the wealth of their more free neighbors, and blame the misery they brought on themselves on the 'greed' of the neighbors.

We would let them live in peace. They will never let us live in peace.

And lets not pretend this isn't collectivist crap, he's got a plan for the 'greater good'. But like all the other collectivist crap, and specifically just like communists and anarcho-syndicalists, they think they can make the impossible happen without forcing people at gunpoint.

Well let's say the rubes think that. The smart ones know this, and for them, the guns are the point. The collectivist crap is just the ruse to get the rubes to give up their guns.

The smart rubes realize that it can only happen with guns and admit it up front, but think once the guns are in the hands of the party elite everything will become bunnies and rainbows. So not so smart.