Comment: Setting record straight... Ron Paul is NOT anti-Israel!!!

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Setting record straight... Ron Paul is NOT anti-Israel!!!

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Ron Paul: The Most Pro-Israel Candidate
With hundreds of nuclear weapons in her possession, Israel has become the most powerful state in the Middle East. She could easily take on her neighbors and eliminate any and all threats to her existence. Ron Paul would not stop Israel from defending her interests in any way she saw fit. When Israel attacked a nuclear reactor in Iraq in 1981, almost the entire U.S. Congress voted to condemn the act. Ron Paul was one of the few dissenters: he voted against the condemnation and in favor of Israel’s right to self-determination. (VOICE OF REASON)
Ending Foreign Aid Sets Israel Free
Ron Paul has also been criticized for wanting to “end foreign aid to Israel.” He had in fact called for an end to ALL foreign aid in general. Foreign aid acts like an entitlement: eventually the recipient grows dependent on it and will do everything in his power to continue the flow of funds. This might even involve spending some of the already-received payments to “lobby” for more money. Ron Paul believes this is a bad thing. Not only does foreign aid lead to corruption on both sides; it is inherently immoral. Ron Paul said that “foreign aid is taking money from the poor people of a rich country and giving it to the rich people of a poor country.” If foreign aid to all countries were stopped immediately, Israel would be the biggest net beneficiary. This is because the U.S. PAYS MUCH FOREIGN AID TO ISRAEL ENEMIES COMBINED THAN TO ISRAEL.

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