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I'm Jewish and I loved "The Passion of the Christ"

If I needed advice on the Biblical history of Christ I wouldn't take it from someone named "hell's unicorn"...

And, as a Messianic Jew, I can tell you your interpretation of biblical history is incorrect, and is from a completely collectivist mindset.
Yes, many of the individuals in the crowd that condemned Jesus were Jews.
So were ALL of his followers, and Jesus Himself.
There were no Christians or Muslims yet, at the time. There were only Jews, and Pagans (Arab pagans, and Roman pagans).
Trying to collectively blame the Jews, is what the ROMANS did, because they co-opted Yeshua's message, Romanized it, put a POPE in ROME, and attempted to remove their new paganized form of Messianic Judaism, from it's original Jewish roots, as much as possible (Sunday worship, for example).
Men like Martin Luther, advocated for 'replacement theology', an idea that Jesus Himself rejected.
For 500 years, before Emperor Constantine forced conversion of all of Rome to his paganized version of Messianic Judaism, Messianic Jews (aka the "early Church", as there were no 'Christians' yet, as the bible had not yet been translated into Greek, where the word 'Christos' comes from) were being thrown to the lions and burned at the stake by Nero and other Roman emperors.
The Romans were doing this, to Jesus's direct followers, who were all Jews. These are the same Romans who Jesus Himself was standing up against.
Jesus rejected the Sadducees, and some corrupt Pharisees, who were accepting only Caesar's coin into the Holy Temple, as payment for the lambs that would be sacrificed to G-d. Jesus saw this as the corruption which it was, and tossed the money tables over. That is what he was tried & executed for.
The Roman's (Pilot) knew how popular the "young Rabbi from Nazareth" had become and the Roman occupation of Judea was already unpopular, and tensions high. The Romans, paying off the Sadducees & those Pharisees which could be corrupted, had to make it look like they were not the force behind Jesus's arrest/execution. That is why when Pilot "washed his hands", he "sealed his fate". Because he was NOT innocent, he was guilty.
All of Yeshua's (Jesus') followers were Jews. The average, common Judean followed the "young Rabbi from Nazareth". It was only the few statist Elites, among the Jewish leadership that sided with Rome in order to maintain their positions, that persecuted Jesus.
When people try to claim that Jesus wasn't really Jewish, or that He replaced all of Judaism altogether, and that Jews are no longer G-d's people, that's all baseless ignorant non-sense. That is literally siding with the very Roman Empire that Yeshua stood up against over Yeshua's own people.

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