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Comment: Pawn….you make some great points…..thanks.

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Pawn….you make some great points…..thanks.

May I respond?

It's a state based on a religion and from my view they have no interest in diversity of creed or beliefs.

You are absolutely correct……it is a State based on religion…..but it is a race of people that is based on religion… would be so difficult for separation of church and State. But so are a lot of Arab and Muslin States. The problems with these States is that the West after WW I and II set these States up….without any understanding of the people, their cultures and religions…..we need to get out of there and let them figure it out.

They are a racist nation based on the definition of racism…..but no more than any of the Arab or muslin states. The sunni and shiite hate each other….goes back to the death of Islamic prophet Muhammad……we need to get out of there.

And points 1,2 &3 are spot on….but why did we need to create a nation…..why couldn’t we have stayed a confederation?

please read Our Enemy, The State.

"Before we can ever ask how things might go wrong; we must first explain how they could ever go right"