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I am..

just like you. Before RP, if anyone had come to me talking about monetary policy, golden rule foreign policy, rule of law et et, I would have had a glazed look on my face...but I would have been curious.

People, in general, are just way too ignorant and apathetic to what is actually happening in this country and across the world. I was definitely one of them. And we keep falling into the same old trap of trying to change things federally/nationally.

Let's just stick to the local stuff and work our way upwards. It truly is a lack of education and understanding. I know I hate nothing more than someone proving me to be an ignorant fool who has zero foundation for making any coherent, rational, true argument for or against anything. It's shaming, at least to me.

So maybe we should aim at providing that information/education, minus the politics, and shame people into caring. Thanks to Ron Paul, it worked for me and I think many others.