Comment: I never said you were Roman Catholic, or Lutheran. Nice try tho.

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I never said you were Roman Catholic, or Lutheran. Nice try tho.

But that is where the rhetoric you are bringing up comes from.

Nice try though.

The Talmud is not very popular at all. Jews study Torah. The Talmud is just a bunch of Rabbis' opinions on interpretations of the Torah.
There is Babylonian Talmud, and a Jerusalem Talmud. Neither are all that important to most Jews. When I went to Hebrew school on Wednesdays after school as a child, we never were taught about the Talmud, except maybe once. I didn't even learn what it was until well after I was Bar Mitzvahed, on the History Channel. I have since learned about it, and as far as I know the only people who make a big deal out of it, are anti-Jew trolls on DP.

Your ignorance is deep.

Are you Jewish? No? So why are you claiming to know what Jews believe? How many Jewish people do you know, and discuss these things with regularly?

And I love how you attempt to retort my points by simply saying "it's bunk".

Well guess what? You're bunk.
And Nero wasn't around until half a century later. Nero was in Rome, as was the "early Church" (Messianic Jews). The Pharisees which were no longer relevant in the Messianic movement, were not in Rome. They were in Judea, a half-century earlier. So, you're full of crap.
And the Council of Nicea was set up in 325 A.D., well after Nero, under Constantine's reign, like I said.

And you're still ignoring my point that the early church, were Messianic Jews. They studied Torah, and celebrated the Sabbath on Saturday.

You claimed that Messianic Jews who advocate for keeping the Sabbath on Saturday are breaking the 4th Commandment. It's the EXACT OPPOSITE of that! The Roman Church paganized the Sabbath by moving it to Sunday, and THAT is violating the 4th Commandment to honor the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy. Where did the 10 Commandment originate again? Oh, yeah, that allegedly obsolete Old Testament, which no longer matters according to folks like you.

And I don't have a "problem" with "western Christianity". I have a problem with the pagan Roman Empire co-opting and distorting the message of Yeshua the Messiah.
I highly doubt you are even a Christian. What denomination are you?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?