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Peter Joseph follow-up

Recently started following PJ. He just posted this YouTube video following up on the debate... Though I may not be sold on his positions, a lot of the points he brings up do seem to make sense to me personally and I think many are worthy of consideration at the very least. I personally find myself on the fence with much of this, almost in the same way I'm on the fence of supporting the Republican Party rather than the Libertarian party. If we acknowledge that the mainstream perpetuates the "false left/right paradigm", then what if we're not aware that we may also be inadvertently perpetuating a "false state/market paradigm" due to our own vested time and emotions in studying Austrian/anarcho-thought? Why must the debate be confined to only two options? Left/right? State/market? Where does planet Earth and the potential of post-scarcity and automation fit into these two-sided debates?