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Comment: Pennsylvania Capitol Dome Roof Leak? Fix statehouse roofs!

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Pennsylvania Capitol Dome Roof Leak? Fix statehouse roofs!

Fix the Capitol Roof Now! Repair the ceiling after the roof is water-tight. Summer Liquidity Shower. Drips into Capitol Rotunda, June 2013. Hot air wasn't the only liquidity in the state Capitol Rotunda on Thursday while waiting on the Senate to take up the liquor reform bills. Some rainwater made its way inside it too from the heavy downpour that hit the region.

Troy Thompson, a spokesman for the state Department of General Services, said maintenance [Pennsylvania], crews are inspecting to identify the cause of the leak and if, in fact, there is a leak.

“We didn’t have a leak in that area before,” Thompson said. “We have our facility folks investigating to see if it is a leak. But we did have sideways rain yesterday so it might have been able to get up in the flashing of the roof.”

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