Comment: Mental Gymnastics and Grasping at Straws

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Mental Gymnastics and Grasping at Straws

That's all I see here.

It's one thing to be cautious, but people around here are downright evil. He hasn't actually done ANYTHING bad yet, people are just so suspicious that they refuse to support him.

I say, support the good politicians. Take what you can get when there are less than 20 members of our legal system that even remotely resemble liberty-oriented beliefs!

And always keep an eye on them, no matter how "good" they are (or look). Because even if they are legitimate liberty lovers when they start, it's easy to become corrupted. There is no politician that should ever be let "off the hook" as far as checking into what they do.

But they should be considered innocent until proven guilty.

When you use an issue like this to call someone out, you're fighting against liberty. There's just no reason for it. When he does something wrong, THEN call him out. Herp derp. Why is this so difficult?

It is an act of AGGRESSION to accuse someone of a crime they haven't committed. It is THOUGHT POLICING to consider people guilty simply because you are suspicious of their motives.