Comment: I don't know who thinks what of it

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I don't know who thinks what of it

but we have it, and my stepson and I have played all of the GTA's together since he was 9 yrs old. He heard about it at school and practically begged to play it. I'll be working on GTA 5 tonight with him in fact.

He's 21 now, never murdered anyone, never been in trouble, despises drugs and alcohol and avoids kids that do them, never swore in front of us until he was about 20, and was a straight A student that has done his own laundry since his middle school-age life, and never had to be asked more than once to help us when we need it. And most importantly, he does it because he wants to and chooses to, not because he is forced to.

We did and still do get nothing but compliments about his behavior. He works his butt off at his job daily, and pitches in around here on his own.

Video games have nothing to do with how they turn out - parenting has every bit to do with it. Part of that parenting is being there with them to explain the difference between fantasy and reality vs. attempting to sterilize and shelter them from the real world out there that they're going to see sooner or later anyway, and having them discover this stuff at friends houses without your oversight and direction.

Parents, and people in general, need to stop blaming the video games - and start accepting responsibility and blaming themselves.