Comment: Didn't they JUST murder the 12 Officers

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Didn't they JUST murder the 12 Officers

in DC who were getting ready to do just that?

Names and ranks of those murdered have yet to be released and yet they released video of the killer entering the building and wandering around, looking for JUST the right military personnel to kill. Police arrived and were told to 'stand-down' but the news reported it ONE HALF HR for help to arrive? Really? With the equipment and SWAT teams on stand by?

They wanted to make sure he got all his targets.

NSA gathers all this info. And what about what happened in Benghazi? Personnel threatened/hidden/names changed - families threatened?

Benghazi was something BIG and Obama has blood on his hands there and elsewhere.

What about all the changes in the military - generals retired or moved to lesser positions or relieved of their duties.

The military was on to him and were planning an arrest - thus the murders in DC.

Wake up folks! Connect ALL the dots! Obama was also guilty of treason for going to war w/o authorization!

He sent arms and aided and abetted the enemy!