Comment: Who cares? Obama is just a

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Who cares? Obama is just a

Who cares? Obama is just a puppet. Destroy the puppet and another simply takes its place. And what does legal authority matter? All that matters is moral authority and to win. It's not like the Founding Fathers had legal authority to secede from England. And if The South had one the Civil War that secession would be legally codified as well.

Why is it so many people here want to win battles but lose the war? At the end of the day there is one thing and one thing only that makes everything work. There's one thing that finances the endless warfare and the endless welfare and enables all of us to be robbed at will. End this one thing, and we win. The one thing? Government mandated fiat currency. Let the market decide on what to use as money and almost every other problem solves itself. Don't solve that problem, and it doesn't matter what you do.

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

~ Ron Paul, End the Fed