Comment: love Scott, but like many

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love Scott, but like many

he refuses to see this for what it is: it's not merely "hubris, blowback, and/or stupidity;" it's INTENTIONAL.

once or twice? sure. but repeated, publicly, factually, historically verifiable modus operandi?

yup. intentional.

if you're a social engineer and/or warplanner, you beta test everything; observe what works, what doesn't, watch your target's reactions. Then you repeat what you learned elsewhere.

seeing as how this keeps happening, and there is one specific faction that always benefit: bankster MIC, you'd have to be daft to not at least consider the possibility that all this is intentional.

Repeatable success in any given experiment in science becomes a proven hypothesis, ie. an operative theory. When you can repeat an experiment? It's proven.

Scott's still stuck on all of this being SOLELY hubris & blowback.

But, good people constantly forget that while control freaks suck at building beautiful things, they ALWAYS excel at destroying things and also, excel at scheming to destroy things.

that, is the one question Ernie keeps trying to get Scott to consider and answer: what do you think their ultimate motive and objectives are? "There's something else going on here! WHAT is it??"

a larger intentional geopolitical scheme, ie. NWO. But Scott's still stuck on hubris/blowback.

why is something so visibly observable hard for some to see?

Beta-test, test hypothesis, prove hypothesis, proven hypothesis = 'scientific theory.' When repeatable, and you try it elsewhere, expecting a measurable objective/result? It's INTENTIONAL.

Don't know: how many false flagged, covertly financed 'terrorist' mercenary groups armed/funded/supported by USG & Wall St. laundering their 'money' must some see, before they admit the obvious??

It's intentional, intentional, intentional.

If not? That is one lucky generational degenerates, whom, for 'some unknown reason' keep running the world, fomenting schit, finance 'both sides,' leverage and profit off both parties regardless of who wins that given conflict, then recycle the same plan, in another part of the world, over and over, and over and over again, etc.

Gee... wow, what a 'lucky' about winning the 'lottery' constantly for 1000's of yrs, with 'absolute cluelessness.' sure.

Nope. nothing intentional about that.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul