Comment: Letters explaining Captilism would help as well

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Letters explaining Captilism would help as well

I'm about half way finished with a book I found here on this site called 'The Golden Mean' by Nelson Hultberg. It does a pretty good job of showing that Capitalism is the Golden Mean between Totalitarianism and Anarchy. It is the Goldilocks Zone of Economics (Which according to Hayek, Smith, and others is de facto Politics as well). We can measure when certain behaviors (individual or group) sway outside this Zone into the Vice Zones of Deficiency (Totalitarianism) and Excess (Anarchy) using Freedom as the metric.

I've made this correlation with a couple lefty friends of mine with some success. They get the concept and like it, but keep getting hung up on 'their' side's definition of Capitalism, which is in fact Welfare Statism. That has to be overcome before I can explain the Benefits. Or perhaps we simply begin using the phrase Free Enterprise to explain the same thing.

At the end of the day, Capitalism is the most 'Green' of Economic strategies because it truly makes the best use of resources and abhors Monopolies (putting all the eggs and hens in one basket).