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This is great. The Golden

This is great. The Golden Mean was actually first submitted by Aristotle as a guide to life, and was the foundation of the code of the "Gentlemen of Virginia" who founded this country in the 17th Century. They sought to be proficient at many things while specializing in none. For instance, in addition to a military commander, plantation owner and equestrian, George Washington was considered the best dancer in Virginia. Thomas Jefferson was constantly conducting experiments, inventing, reading, writing, studying, etc. Our American Revolution was the fruit of a generation of men who sought to improve themselves. It is to me the best example that in order to have change it must come from the ground up, not the top down.

If this interests anyone, I would recommend the book "The First Gentlemen of Virginia" by Louis Wright. It is about the original natural aristocracy of Virginia(that is, the natural leaders based on their success as planters), and it demonstrates very clearly the lives they led. Another interesting aside, it talks about John Locke's views on science. I found them extremely pertinent for our day and age, prophetic even: "Even John Locke, who thought a certain amount of natural science valuable, expressed the fear that it would possess the mind, exclude humanistic thinking, and dwarf man's spiritual perceptions." Perhaps Mother Earth News is as guilty as anything of this type of thinking.