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All vaccines are "Unavoidably Unsafe."

You strike at the heart of the problem here.

To get the liability protection that they wanted, Pharma went to Congress and said, "Look... these vaccines are causing harm and death to some, and we don't want the liability, so just let's all admit that they will harm and kill some people, and let the government pay damages (via a tax, so let the people pay damages) and then we will keep making these shots.

So what Pharma/Medicine lobbied for, and filed briefs in SCOTUS again for in 2010, is for ALL FDA APPROVED VACCINES to be labeled, "Unavoidably Unsafe," which means that they cannot be made safe for their intended use.

If a car is made with a badly designed gas tank and ten cars blow up killing 15 people, that car gets yanked from the market. Not so with vaccines. As soon as the FDA approves them, they are tagged "Unavoidably Unsafe," and stay on the market, even after tens of thousands of reports of injury and death (Gardasil is up above 25,000 injuries and more than 100 deaths).

Those children (and adults) are considered acceptable losses in the "war on disease".

But if they have been drafted into a war, should they not be treated as the wounded heros? Physically and medically cared for, as they are the ones who took the bullet so others could be protected from deadly disease?

No. Our children are neglected by the medical system, and our families are attacked for reporting our vaccine injury.

Just look at the way Delysid behaves on this thread. The insults.

My son actually has all the symptoms of "encephalopathy" (brain damage) caused by the Pertussis vaccine, that are listed on the VICP table that he refers to. (And which just happen to be the same symptoms for which a child get's diagnosed with "autism") Yet we will never be compensated, and are treated like shit by him (and Gorski).

I allowed my child to have a product that Pharma and FDA called "Unavoidably Unsafe," he suffered the exact brain damage that HHS says can happen from this shot, he was diagnosed with "autism" because almost no doc has ever even read the vaccine talble (because they have no liability and do not even have to know the symptoms of a vaccine injury, much less know to diagnose one), and I am now an "anti-science" liar.

Please take great care in making vaccine decisions for your children. I do not want anyone ever treated as our family has been treated by this corrupt system, or by heartless, biased, uninformed medical professionals like the one camping out on this thread.