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the fed gov

for the most part,has always used the people as guinea pigs
as if they have the right to play god,or pick who lives,dies
or gets maimed
This is no different,save for the fact,they are now targeting
the young and impressionable
I am sorry to hear about your child,I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
I can totally agree with your comments about treating them as causalities
But,it won't get looked at that way,that would mean,yes,there is a problem
and the people should get more of a recourse (like pull it from the shelves)
This will not get done,as it would lay the liability where it belongs,and would expose their guilt and crimes against humanity.

You might have noticed the one i asked the questions to,didn't respond
or acknowledge i asked,Don't worry,he won't do that,never does anymore
I thinks it is the pointed questions and comments i make,but he says
He can't understand what i type,now this can't be true,You understood me :)
as well as others here and there.
I have friends here who's children got the gardasil shots,now, one can't have children,and has almost constant pain down there,this was after i gave them the info about it,they did it anyways !!
Again,i am really sorry to hear about your child,it pains to read that
you might try to see if colloidal silver will help with the symptoms,it
certainly cannot hurt
oops,i forgot,your comment about insults,i have found when people resort to that tactic,usually do not have anything to offer,so i just dismiss them as being wrong,or even knowing anything
you have a nice day

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence