Comment: Get off your "high horse." Israel is no worse than we are

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Get off your "high horse." Israel is no worse than we are

Israel has only existed since 1948. The whole movement did not even begin until after our own civil war. You know, when Lincoln murdered thousands of Americans to consolidate the power of the federal government. But, no, I guess America had no problems before Zionism. Give me a fucking break, you idiots.
If Zionists are in charge of everything, then thank God they took over because things are a lot better now in the US than they were 70 years ago. Japanese internment, forced confiscation of gold, the Tuskegee experiments, and Jim Crow laws to name a few examples of what used to be going on this country not that long ago. Israel is smaller than a Texas county. You're stupid if you think the Zionists are responsible for any of your problems. My problem is with my own government, not the world's smallest religion. If you think your problems are the cause of Zionists, you're either stupid or bigoted. America was the headquarters where the Zionists raised all their money to create Israel. America was the biggest factor influencing the creation of Israel, yet Israel controls America. You people are fucking stupid. San Bernardino County, California, is over twice the size of Israel. Yet, Israel controls the United States. You guys are just unbelievably ignorant. We live in a country where blacks are unbelievably discriminated against throughout the justice system. We make Israel look like a fucking utopia. The US had committed more war crimes in the past year than Israel could in the next thousand. I'm sick of Americans on the Daily Paul acting like they're "holier than thou" toward Israel. Get your own shit together. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks at Zionists.