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True and I believe a lot of medical

treatments will be sought elsewhere regardless. But again the question is not about forbidding cash but about mandated acceptance of insurance. It seems ignorant, even by their standards, to force people to buy insurance and not force doctors to accept insurance.

Unless this is stopped here we will see much much worse legislation in the not so distant future. Soon they will not only force these doctors to accept insurance but they will end up mandating healthcare itself. This is already starting in the private sector. For instance in my daughters first job their policy was that if you missed a day of work "due to sickness" then you had to show a doctors note or you would be fired. Other businesses require doctor exams to get a job in the first place. If there is an accident you are forced to get tested by a doctor or loose your job. The list is growing and the government hasn't even taken up these issues yet.

Ron Paul was right when he said that government is just a reflection of the people. It is peoples reliance on the healthcare system hoax that has made all of this possible. IMO