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You simply refuse to debate

You simply refuse to debate with honesty. And you refuse to actually read my arguments. I NEVER said Israel was Jewish only. I was talking about the Jewish ONLY racial colonies that continue to be built in East Jerusalem and the rest of the occupied West Bank. Get that? Now on to your next argument.

Of course many of the surrounding Arab nations are brutal. However, it was the Muslim Middle East where both Jews and Christians were relatively well treated, especially compared to what the Jews went through in Christian Europe. It is true that religious tolerance has declined, but that is a recent phenomenon, partially due to the Wahabi movement (funded by the corrupt House of Saud) and the radicalization of the people in this region due to America's horrible policies.

I never said Israelis don't have more freedoms. HOWEVER, the difference is that Israel has an apartheid system AND is supported by our taxes (much more than any other nation in the region) AND is given special access to critical national security info as well as the personal data of the American people and its leaders. No other nation is given such special favor. And finally, no other nation was as involved with 9/11 as was Israel. And no other nation has as many dual citizens in key positions of American power as does Israel.

I don't speak out as much against Arab tyranny, cause it is propped up by the US govt. and because my taxes don't subsidize it nearly as much as they do Israeli apartheid and Zionist terrorism.

Are we clear? Try paying closer attention if you wish to have a dialogue with me please.